Get Creative With Your Facebook “Cover Art” Now That “Timeline” is “Mandatory”

by Brendan Clancy on March 25, 2012

I hate Facebook “Timeline”.

Like, I hate it so, so much.

It’s so dumb. It’s hard for me to read. I can’t tell which posts come first. Really, I completely hate it. Hopefully it will be like all the changes FB makes that I hate at first but learn to deal with eventually. But for now, I hate it.

Nevertheless, at least Facebook rolled out the changes this time and gave us all a few weeks to mess around with the Timeline lay out before forcing us to use it. Well, the trial period is over in a week so hopefully you’ve got your act together.

The one thing I do like is the new “Cover Art” that looks basically like a blog banner at the top of everyone’s page. This offers everyone the opportunity to get really creative and eye-catching, as well as be totally douchey and obnoxious (it’s a fine line).

Cover Art and Timeline will actually work really well for brands and fan pages. If you have the time, and an ounce of creativity, try to come up with something more creative than this:

Although that pic of the city is dope.

Try something more creative/douchey like these:

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